Sustainability in Affordable Housing Renovation for CSNDC – Boston, MA

Sustainability in Affordable Housing Renovation for CSNDC – Boston, MA

Sorensen Partners is Architect for the $13M rehabilitation of 59 units of affordable housing for CSNDC in Boston, MA, which will begin construction in 2021. The development consists of six masonry buildings at two sites – Waldeck and Orlando – in Dorchester and Mattapan. Following is a list of green, sustainable, and climate resilient design characteristics of the rehabilitation.

Energy Efficient Envelope Design.

  • All windows will be replaced for all buildings in the development. Our drawings indicate only 25 Orlando windows to be replaced, and others to be repaired, with replacement as an alternate. We are accepting the alternate scope of work to replace all windows at 31 & 35 Orlando, 91-93 Waldeck, 95-97 Waldeck, and 99-101 Waldeck. The basis-of-design window is Pella Impervia CL fiberglass with LowE dual-pane insulating glass, U-factor 0.29.
  • Waldeck roofs will be upgraded from R-30 to R-52 through addition of blown cellulose insulation in the roof joists.
  • Waldeck basement ceilings will be insulated with R-30 batt insulation and rim joist sealing.
  • 25 Orlando roof will be upgraded from R-24 to R-49 through the addition of 5 inches of rigid insulation. A cool roof  (white Duro-Last PVC) will be installed.
  • 31 & 35 Orlando roofs will be upgraded from R-25 to R-55 through the addition of R-30 batt insulation in the attics.
  • Exterior doors will be replaced with new gasketed doors.

Efficient Building Systems.

  • Gas service will be installed at Orlando, providing an efficient and cost-effective heat source.
  • All new high efficiency gas-fired boilers and gas-fired stand-alone water heaters will be installed.
  • New insulated HHW distribution piping and plumbing piping will be installed.
  • New low-flow toilets will be installed.
  • Water-reducing showerheads and aerators will be installed.
  • New electrical panels will be installed.
  • New electrical wiring will be installed at Waldeck.
  • All new lighting will be installed and will be LED throughout.
  • New A/C sleeves will be installed at Orlando, with insulated covers.
  • New A/C units at Orlando will be owner-provided, high efficiency.
  • We will be applying for LEAN program funding.

Healthy Indoor Air Quality.

  • Ducted range hoods will be installed.
  • Gas stoves will be replaced with electric stoves.
  • 2-speed kitchen fans will be installed. 
  • 2-speed bathroom fans activated by light switch will be installed.
  • 2-speed fans will be set for continuous low-speed operation to provide adequate air recirculation.
  • Low-VOC paint and surface materials will be used.
  • Unit front and rear doors will be replaced with new gasketed doors.

Site Design.

  • Stormwater recharge systems will be installed at both sites.
  • Orlando stormwater recharge will be assisted by three new infiltration bioswales.
  • All plants being installed are native plants, and drought-tolerant plants where possible.
  • Sprinkler system designed for Orlando is specified as low water use.
  • Bike racks will be provided.
  • Asphalt will be replaced with concrete pavers, gravel, and native plants at Waldeck. The overall impervious surface area is substantially reduced at the Waldeck backyards.
  • Community garden beds will be provided at Orlando. These beds extend a community gardening initiative started in the last 5 years at the southwest end of the site, at the end of Orlando Street.

On-site Clean Energy Systems.

  • All roofs will be made solar-ready through installation of an additional dedicated electrical panel; and installation of conduit to roof for use in future solar installation.
  • 25 Orlando roof has been evaluated by structural engineer for 60% possible future coverage with solar panels.
  • Power will be purchased from a utility providing clean energy.

Certified Exemplary Energy Performance.

  • We used the Enterprise Green Communities criteria in the design process and conducted two community charettes with funding from Enterprise: a Green Grantat Orlando and a Health Action Planat Waldeck. During both of these charettes, elements of the Enterprise Green Communities criteria were discussed with residents and added to design plans when support was high.

Enhanced Accessibility.

  • 5% of units will be Group 2 units. By MAAAB variance, all accessible units will be at Orlando.
  • Common laundry rooms will be fully accessible at both sites.
  • New community room at Waldeck will be fully accessible.
  • ADA path of travel is clearly marked and centrally located.
  • Universal design has been taken into account with ample site lighting at entrances.
  • Universal design has been taken into account with locations for new intercom systems and mailboxes.
The Waldeck Site is walking distance from the Fields Corner MBTA station, reducing vehicle-dependence for residents. (Cover image is Orlando Site, Mattapan)