Somerset Dining Hall & Banquet Facility

Somerset Dining Hall & Banquet Facility

The 450-seat lakefront Camp Somerset Dining Hall makes effective use of basic truss shapes and efficient slab-on-grade construction to create a grand and welcoming seasonal dining facility and shoulder-season banquet hall. With attached kitchen, dining offices, and toilet rooms in a dogtrot-plan, and ergonomic layout for separate hot buffet, salad bar, and dish-drop areas, the nearly 10,000 SF facility achieves elegance and presence on a modest budget.

The building, presently under construction, will be clad in white cedar. The interior is organized around buffet queuing for the hot buffet and salad bar and is centered around a granite fireplace. The dining hall’s gable-end entry and the adjacent flank of the kitchen building create a protected community gathering space on the porch.

Exterior completion & interior progress photos, January 2018:

Construction progress photos, summer-fall 2017 (Images courtesy of Mark McClusky, AE Hudson Engineers):

Camp Somerset Dining Hall in Construction 2017-9-18