Frameworks for a Hands-on Economy

Frameworks for a Hands-on Economy

Imagining Recovery Competition - "Land Diplomat"

In 2009, in conjunction with UC Berkeley Professor of Architecture Jill Stoner, Sorensen Partners proposed this winning entry to the Columbia University Lab\Rad and Studio X  sponsored competition: Imagining Recovery: Towards a Design Economy. “The competition calls on designers … [to] produc[e] and image of the lived experience of recovery, increasing the transparency and intelligibility of the charts, maps, and graphics of” (excerpted from the competition brief)

Sorensen Partners proposed Six New Professions for the New Economy – each utilizing basic human resources – listening (ears) and making (hands) – to guide society to a more humane approach to business.

The Six New Professions are:

1. Volunteer

2. Sprawl Broker

3. Commons Banker

4. Collaboration Strategist

5. Land Diplomat

6. Change Agent